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Discover what people visiting Scotland are looking for

Access market intelligence, discover what people visiting Scotland are looking for, and take practical steps to help your business grow.

Ancestral Tourism

Ancestral tourism in Scotland

Ancestral tourism presents new and exciting year-round commercial opportunities, whatever the size, type and location of your business.

Events & Festivals

Events, festivals and cultural tourism in Scotland

The 'Winning Years' campaign provides a unique opportunity for all to celebrate and collaborate with others to develop the visitor experience.


Wildlife tourism in Scotland

This guide provides key intelligence as well as offering advice on how businesses can ensure that wildlife enthusiasts have the best experience possible.


Sailing tourism in Scotland

The guide highlights opportunities where tourism and sailing businesses can collaborate to capitalise on this growing market.

Mountain Biking - Tourism in Scotland

Mountain biking tourism in Scotland

With a predicted 30 per cent growth in mountain biking in Scotland over the next five years, now is the time to get involved.

Food & Drink

Food and drink experience in Scotland

A must-read for tourism businesses in Scotland that have an interest in providing a food and drink offering for visitors

Adventure Travel

Adventure travel in Scotland

Get inspiration from the innovations of some of Scotland's top activity providers.


Golf tourism in Scotland

Highlights opportunities for tourism businesses, golf clubs and courses looking to get the most out of the visiting golfer market.

Knowing our Markets

Knowing our markets... Scotland's visitors

This guide is an essential read for businesses who want to stay competitive and really understand the tourism markets in Scotland

Tourism in the Future

Scottish tourism in the future

Up to date information on key trends and what they mean for your business going forward

Walking Tourism

Walking tourism

Walking Tourism is a great resource for businesses looking to seize the opportunities that the walking market can bring.

Listening to our Visitors

Listening to our visitors

Listening to our Visitors is a practical guide which includes some great tips on how to ask the right questions.

Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism business for dummies

Sustainable businesses mean tourists will have an amazing country they can keep coming back to.

Historic Properties

Scotland's historic properties: visiting the future

This guide provides practical tips on how our historic properties can exceed visitors' expectations