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The Glasgow Major Events Charter

Building on the city's event successes of 2014

Date : 26/09/2014

Hot on the heels of the sporting and cultural spectacular of the 2014 Commonwealth Games, Glasgow has launched a new major events charter, the only city in Europe to make this promise to global event organisers. 

Produced by Glasgow's Strategic Major Events Forum (SMEF) and fully endorsed by the city's events industry, the refreshed charter has built on Glasgow's event successes since its initial launch in 2010. Its publication comes as it was announced Glasgow is to host the European Swimming Championships 2018.

Why create the Glasgow Major Events Charter?

The idea behind the Charter is to offer a one-stop service to companies looking to organise an event in Glasgow – one contact for everything from venue hire to fireworks, refuse collection to flowers, using the established network of providers to make it easy and competitively priced. This puts Glasgow on the international map, capable of competing with other cities to host world-class events, and opening up add-on opportunities for the wider tourism industry in Scotland.

Scott Taylor, Chief Executive of Glasgow City Marketing Bureau and Chair of Glasgow’s Strategic Major Events Forum, said: 'Glasgow’s Major Events Charter outlines the 12 principal reasons why event organisers should choose Glasgow as their host city, from providing fast track access to key decision makers to ensuring their objectives and key priorities are delivered with maximum effect.'

“What’s important,” says Sallyann Tindall, Project Manager at Scottish Enterprise, “is that we put Glasgow and Scotland on the international stage. Our competitors are other countries, and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be up there competing with the best. We have so much to offer, and we’ve more than proved that with the Commonwealth Games."

Glasgow City Marketing Bureau (GCMB) is the place to go for any organisation wishing to run events in Glasgow and calls on its members to supply goods and services for up-coming events, so the best thing to do for operators is to become a member. It also markets Glasgow as a destination and even negotiates prices on its members’ behalf. It acts as a central hub for a diverse range of businesses involved, both in Glasgow and beyond and represents Scotland in the global market place. 


The membership of the group responsible for the Charter consists of Glasgow City Marketing Bureau, Scottish Enterprise, Glasgow Life, Glasgow City Council, VisitScotland and its events directorate EventScotland, and the local Chamber of Commerce.

GCMB can link you with other businesses and organisations, tell you what’s coming up and get your business noticed, no matter where you’re based. It promotes businesses involved in or linked to the tourism sector across Scotland. 

Why join?

This is a network of members that supply goods and services for up-coming events and it acts as a central hub for a diverse range of businesses involved, both in Glasgow and beyond and represents Scotland in the global market place.

There are major events planned well into 2018, including the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards 2014, which equates to lots of business opportunities for its members. Its remit is to bring all of the people resources, skills, products and services together under one co-ordinated umbrella to help businesses collectively build a stronger proposition. So if you’re not a member you may well be missing out.

Glasgow and beyond

Of course it’s about promoting Glasgow as a destination for major events, but it’s also about the wider opportunities it brings to Scotland. After all, if visitors are travelling from abroad, they’re likely to want to see more of Scotland, and that’s where businesses across Scotland need to be involved. That’s why it’s important to be part of it, wherever your business is based. 

A survey revealed that up to 100,000 spectators at the 2014 Commonwealth Games combined their Glasgow experience with a longer trip around Scotland, meaning the benefits of the Games could be felt right across the country. 


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