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Nature as nature intended

Companies are bringing Scotland’s wild country delights to the widest possible audience

Date : 28/06/2013

Fun for all the family doesn’t necessarily mean an adrenaline-fuelled fortnight. There are companies bringing Scotland’s wild country delights to the widest possible audience.

Around half the world’s population live in urban environments, and would no more dream of touching the void than climbing Ben Nevis, but they really would like to experience nature in all its unmanicured glory.

That’s where you can come in, providing access to the natural raw material that Scotland has in abundance. 

Natural adventures also come in unchallenging guises. Nature photography requires landscapes, so making the most of your location doesn’t involve much intervention or investment. Team up with companies like Northshots for snap happy Cairngorm visitors. Well established Seafari Adventures from Oban are one of many wildlife spotting operators around Scotland’s coastline.  

Serving those seeking more engagement reaps rewards too. Wild at Heart eco Holidays in Morayshire make Scotland’s most rugged attractions accessible to families young, old, and even those who’d never consider tying on a climbing boot or wielding a paddle.

There’s a large market seeking a genuine connection with wildlife and the environment, without impacting on family life, nor the environment. That leaves all sorts of family-inclusive opportunities. That mix might include dolphin and seal-watching, campfire building and shelter-making, beach art, storytelling, bush craft and arts and crafts.

Put a slightly different emphasis on affairs, and programmes like that can be adapted to the corporate and team-building market too. It’s a relatively simple case to re-brand broadly similar experiences as getaways for the family, or retreats for corporate colleagues. Get the mix right and you’ll soon find feedback becoming even more positive and constructive.