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Scotland’s active advantage

Get your business plugged into the active world of adventure holidays

Date : 28/06/2013

With a decline in overseas trips, there’s been a parallel rise in native adventure tourism. Whether you’re a five star hotel, or just turning down the sheets on a couple of bespoke rooms, there is potential for everyone. 

Big brochure operators are bringing in “niche market” holiday makers, opening up opportunities for collaborations, service provision, partnerships and even outright acquisitions.

There’s nothing more attractive for activity enthusiasts than finding someone engaging and knowledgeable in their own area of interest. If you’re that person, and you happen to be brilliant in the hospitality profession as well, make sure to welcome hiking, biking, skiing, adventure tourists.

There’s a likely recovery in overseas activity travel somewhere down the economic line, but that’s good news for the domestic market as well, as the whole sector is set to grow.